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Creative Web Design

It used to be said that absolutely anyone could create a website. That was true: absolutely anyone who knew HTML. Today, you don’t even need to know that. Programs like Microsoft’s FrontPage or NVU (which is free; you can download it at let you create sites without you 2eeding to know your tags from you r tables. If you can use Word, you can create a website. You can either have fun playing with the programs and designing the site yourself or you can hire a professional designer to do it for you.

Freelance sites like and are good places to advertise. You can invite designers to give you quotes and pick the best based on price and talen t. Be sure to check feedback and portfolios though; a low bid is often low for a good reason .

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Consistent Site Design
People expect to see things in certain places. so you have to consistent site design.

Dont Keep Restructuring Design
Try to make sure your site design is good before you get too far into the process.

Website Design to Increase Traffic
Nowdays Most Web sites are ranked according to their layout, is your website attractive and easy to use?