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Build links to your site

A spider scans the web following the links placed by site owners onto their pages in order to inform their visitors of where to find something that might be of interest. So, the greater the number of website owners agreeing to list your site, the smaller the time that will pass before all existing search engines will find out about you.

What's more, those pages that are linked from multiple sites are considered by crawlers as more important. Google ( implements this concept via a so called Page Rank; other engines analyse your site's popularity in different ways. Remember that a link from a site that itself ranks well, is much more valuable than just any link. Also note that content relevancy of the site linking to you further increases the importance of the link.

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Why are Links so Powerful?
Links from other webmasters are viewed by search engines as unbiased third party votes.

Importance of Number of Links on the Page
Any page only has a certain amount of link popularity which it can redistribute to other pages.

What is Site Wide Links?
Site wide links are web links that are seen throughout every single page of a web site