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You will certainly want to start promoting your website on our advertisement exchange network. After all, isn't visibility the reason for your website? If you display ads from other networks you will make almost no money with your website. We will drive visitors to your website. With Ongsono's exchange network, you will be ready to go in just five minutes. It is totally free, and we make it easy to create just the kind of ad you want. So, sign up now and get 500 bonus credits absolutely free!

How does it work? When you submit a website you will be asked to join free ads exchange program. If you agree to join we will automatic create account for you. In member page you can create your ads to promote your product and services. To earn more credit you need to get the ads code then put into your website.

You will act become advertiser and publisher
Advertiser role :

  • Create your own text advertisements to promote your website.
  • Credit will be deduct if other website show your ads

Publisher role :
  • Get the advertising script and implement it in your website.
  • Credit will be added if you show other ads

Why should you join the free ad exchange network?

  • Nothing to lose because the Ongsono advertisement exchange is free!
  • You can promote your website for free on our advertisement exchange instead of making little money with it if you use other networks.
  • is a web directory with total website 20,000. It means your ads will be seen my many people around the world
  • Safety is 100% with ongsono. There's no spam, nor will we share your e-mail. There's no commitment, either. Use us only if you like us. No credit card is required. No hidden cost

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